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We provide a search engine optimizing facility for the site. We don’t handle marketing campaigns.
Unfortunately no.
YES there is voucher gift facility that comes with the software.
This will be down to you hosting company to provide.
Difficult to get a site looking 100% like the ones you have mentioned. We can design something looking similar.
No sorry.
The site does not stock any drop shippers – this will be entirely for you to choose and implement – there is a drop-shipping element within the software.
You can create a category with these options and place products into this category.
Not a chart as such, but you can have a drop down box or option buttons showing the various product options.
There is no limit as far as I am aware.
YES there is an affiliate program that comes with software.
This is not part of the ecommerce software, but we could look into incorporating it into the web site.
There is an email to friend facility for the web site.
The site does not come with Flash banners – you can get an external source to design a flash banner and we could add it to the web site. As an alternative, we can incorporate rotating image banners to suit the purpose.
YES all major Credit Cards can be accepted. The ecommerce software integrates can integrate with a number of different payment systems e.g. PayPal, protx, nochex, Worldpay, google checkout, Barclays epdq – you can only choose one of these to use for the website
YES we provide a search box facility for the web site.
Email Newsletter mailing list is not part of the ecommerce software. I would recommend an add-on to the website – £90 one-off payment.
The invoice receipt is automatically sent via the ecommerce software.
You can have any type of Internet connection, it really is not dependent on the Internet Site – Broadband is better than dial up and the prices are cheap.
No, as such there are no limits on the size. The biggest benefit of having an online store is that you can add unlimited products and catalogues and at the same time you can grow your customer base as you require.
Ecommerce website owners should always keep in mind the three dimensions of security – confidentiality, integrity and availability. Business owners should develop a good strategy that can help to make the site and transactions secured. To avoid any hackers gain access to important confidential data, include encryption methods for any data transactions.
The beauty of a site lies in the way it operates and how user friendly it is. Ensure that your site is fast, easy to use, professional and attractive. Also make sure that you are able to fulfill the orders very promptly without any delay. In case you are unable to offer the service, make sure that your customer is informed about it via email.
Create your site so that it is much more oriented towards sales rather than marketing. Let your visitors see your products immediately instead of hiding them behind lots of marketing copy. Make a page that reads the terms and conditions as it will offer a professional look. Provide your contact details and explain your return policies, security, encryption methods and payment options.
There are various ways to do this and the first thing to do is to promote the site to all the customers. This will help to increase your customer base. Your website address should be present on every advertisement that your company invests in. Register with the search engines and optimize your website as this will affect the traffic of your site.
Ecommerce or internet commerce is basically related with different types of business transactions. The main four ways of ecommerce business is Business to business or B2B, Business to Customer B2C, Customer to Business (C2B and Customer to Customer C2C.
Ecommerce has gained much popularity nowadays because it offers business a whole range of opportunities ranging from marketing opportunities to increasing the range of products that helps to generate sales. It is with an optimized and well created e-store that you can easily create and achieve the goals and also offer the customers round the clock support services.
Ecommerce websites help online shoppers make a safe purchase from online stores and they are considered as platforms that help in buying and selling. It also helps in gathering and using demographics data from various channels and improves the customer service.
Before getting started with your ecommerce web development, consider the few fundamentals that can help to choose the best platform. Always consider the items that you are selling. Some ecommerce platforms can handle inventory tracking and multiple product options while some others will not. Consider the design options, payment gateways, security of the site, integration with other tools, features and pricing before finalizing on the platform.
Today, people have very less time to purchase items, by going to physical stores. They prefer to browse their mobile devices or PC and shop online. Having an ecommerce site for your business will help you to capture this market base and keep your customers informed about all your latest products and services.
If you are not hands-on with ecommerce websites, then, you will need plenty of after-sales support. This will help you in resolving bugs, making design changes, and improve newly-built processes. Leading ecommerce development firms offer at least 4 months of support for mid-sized online stores and up to 12 months of free support for any technical issues caused by their own development.
Most online store developers initially ask for website goals, budget, and feature requirements to create the perfect proposal. After that comes product catalog, product images, product descriptions, content, and tons of other things. Building a powerful online store is a collaborative process and if a developer says that all he needs is payment to get started, well, consider it a red flag.
Launching an awe-inspiring ecommerce store is not the end of your digital journey. Online stores require the support of the content, SEO, social media, and branding to succeed. That’s why it helps if your web design and development team can help with other aspects of digital growth. This shouldn’t be a deal-breaker but something that brings an added advantage.
A design and development team can deliver custom design, use a pre-designed template, or combine both when designing your ecommerce store. Online stores built from scratch using modern development technologies are powerful, scalable, and slightly expensive. Stores built on SaaS solutions can be launched super quickly but falter as your store grows.
Top-rated ecommerce developers use a comprehensive design and development process that includes requirement gathering, initial planning, design mockups, development, review, deployment, and support. You must be an active participant in each and every step of the development. Anyone who misses any of the mentioned doesn’t follow what’s must for delivering a powerful online store. Long story short, ask plenty of questions regarding their work process.
Confirming your budget in the initial stage is the wisest thing you can do. While a small online store can cost between 1000 USD and 5000 USD, a bigger & feature-rich one can cost a lot more. Costing depends a lot on the features you have in mind, the technology you want to build with, scalability and reliability. Hence, look for a firm who is experienced enough to deliver you best value for your money.
Technology is everything when it comes to building an online store. It happens very often that entrepreneurs start their online stores with a solution that is not scalable with their business and later on have to rebuild everything. Hence, this is something that requires all the attention you can give. Top ecommerce development firms understand this and their products are highly scalable horizontally as well as vertically.
Top-rated ecommerce developers work with methodologies like Minimum Viable Product and Proof of Concept to test the technical dependency before diving deeper and investing further. Such processes also help validate the product idea without pumping a lot of resources and time into it. In short, your partner ecommerce development firm should be familiar with such development methodologies and processes.
Because you have the best understanding of your website goals, it is important for you to be part of the ecommerce store development process. This question will help you in ascertaining how you will be made part of the development process. Experienced developers don’t hide behind an iron curtain and work on the project in phases or modules. This keeps the client in-the-know at all times.
SEO helps sites rank higher on Google and hence your online store must be developed keeping in mind the latest SEO norms. Ignoring SEO while developing your e-store will hamper its performance and growth in the long run. Hence, test shortlisted ecommerce development firms or developers on their SEO knowledge.
While an online store set up on a simple off-the-shelf solution can go live in a couple of weeks, a bigger & feature-rich platform can take some months for the first launch. Keeping in mind the final list of features and design goals, get a specific idea of how much time it will take for your online store to go live. If someone quotes a really short time while promising an Amazon-like store, then, think thrice before signing on the agreement.
When it comes to building online stores, nothing beats experience. Trusting your online store to a team that has been in ecommerce for a decade will guarantee expertise and best practices. Experience of the developer who will be leading your project matters a lot. If you can get someone with 10-15 years of experience in building ecommerce stores and database websites, then, you have hit gold.
Going through the portfolio of shortlisted ecommerce website developers will help you identify their design style, development expertise, and ecommerce philosophy. While experienced developers have a vast array of projects to show, it is quite possible that NDAs restrict the firm from sharing some of the most challenging work done. In such cases, it makes sense to gather details through comprehensive discussions.
Today, products are discovered on mobile devices, and hence having a mobile-friendly online store is highly critical. Mobile-ready websites are also Google-friendly and help in ranking higher than competitors. This is why you should ask potential website developers to confirm expertise in mobile-friendly ecommerce websites.
Online stores come in all shapes and sizes. While some e-commerce platforms are setup using SaaS based solutions and some are based on off-the-shelf solutions, others are built from scratch using modern technologies like PHP and MySQL. Hence, it is important to confirm what kind of stores your ecommerce development partner has delivered in the recent past.
Project payments are divided into phases as per the project scope. You will need to release part of the payment as we finish the set milestones. For SEO & website maintenance services, It will be monthly or yearly based on the package selected.
We accept all credit/debit cards, PayPal, and bank wire payments.
Yes, after the design and development of the website – you need to invest in regular maintenance of your website to keep it up to date to provide your end-user with the best experience + you need to pay for the recurring cost of website hosting based on the hosting package you select for your website.
Yes, we are a result-driven agency and we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for our web design, development, and digital marketing services. We strive to develop the best possible websites and give unmatched support services.
We assure a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for our services though If you are not happy, we refund the money for unfinished work/uncovered scope from the project contract.
A website template is a pre-designed layout for a website. A website template gives designers a relatively simple way to plug content into a website without having to build the website from the ground up. Templates lower the overall website development cost as you don’t need to create the designs from scratch but you won’t have a unique design and there will be limited functionality. While custom websites are built from scratch based on unique business needs without the use of any premade templates. Custom websites cost more than template websites but your design will be unique with more custom features around your business needs.
There is not any fixed number allotted for the design revisions provided by us. It depends on the project as we understand that a customized website may require more design revisions to be done. But we will not be happy with the designs until you are not happy.
We take pride in the services we provide to our customers. Our customers are our main priority and it is always easy to reach us and get an immediate response from us. We aim to make each and every customer satisfied and happy with our services. All queries and requests are answered within 24 hours.
We will make sure that all the required security measures are implemented during the development phase of the website. You can opt for a regular maintenance package provided by us for getting security updates and keeping your website safe from any vulnerability.
WordPress is the largest content management system that provides simple blogging tools, and great plugins, you can log in and edit your site easily with the help of a page builder. The plugins will help you to grow and expand your website as per your business needs.
We have experts in Magneto e-commerce, Woo Commerce, and Shopify to build ecommerce websites.
We provide a monthly SEO services package that will help to boost your website’s organic rankings. Our Professional SEO services are very effective in giving results in form of improved organic rankings, traffic, and sales.
Any problems arising in relation to the design, and development are included in the free support provided by us.
Content can be provided by your end or you can opt for the content services package provided by us.
The website design suggestions will be provided by us after having a detailed discussion with you on your requirements. All the design suggestions provided by you will be taken into consideration and then proper suggestions will be offered to you from our website design team.
We have served a diverse range of international clients that include individual business consultants, SMEs & big enterprises. We have delivered 400+ projects successfully.
Yes. Training and guidance both are readily available to explain all the details of website management and how you can effectively use your website and update content, and pictures from your end.
Yes, We provide regular website maintenance and support services. You can select from the packages on monthly basis to keep your site maintained. We are always willing to provide support and help with your requirements for new features, maintenance, and regular updates.
No worries, any problem occurring after the website is built and gone live will be taken care of by our efficient development team. We provide free 1 month support after the development of your website.
The time required for the development of standard websites is approximately 2-3 weeks. Custom sites require much time that can only be decided after the project is discussed.
Yes. Please have a look at this portfolio showcasing all the websites designed by us.
It is possible to build a fully customized website as per your requirements. All the features, functionalities, and designs can be developed as per the suggestions made by you. After my website is developed if I need changes in the design or features. Will it be possible to do it? Yes, it’s possible to make changes in the design or features even after the website is developed. Though the change in design or features will add to the total costs.
Absolutely! Your current website design can be changed and made up-to-date as per your requirements. Our UX design team will review your current website layout and provide suggestions for improvements required.
The development of a new website for your business will cost as per your requirements for the design and features. The website can be developed in a range from simple, standard, and customize. The costs will depend upon that and can be decided after a proper understanding of your business requirements.


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