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6 imperative trends that will define the future of mobile app development in 2023.

October 13, 2022 by Admin

The future of mobile app development

The mobile app technology is burgeoning every day with its power and pace. This technology has penetrated in all the sectors of the global market. Businesses are earning a humongous amount from this mobile app trend. If you are also planning to make a mobile app for your business and want to earn a chunk of money, you should have adequate knowledge regarding the future of mobile app development. Here, we are going to mention some of the future trends for the mobile app development market.


1. Beacon Technology: This is an evolving technology which leverages the power of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals. This technology connects businesses with their valuable customers. Popular sectors like healthcare, hospitality, museums, etc. are warmly adopting this revolutionary technology for the betterment of their businesses. Now, how does this technology work? If you have installed a beacon-powered mobile app on your device and whenever the device comes into the contact of the beacon’s zone, the app will catch the signal and automatically send the notifications to the device owners. Very soon, the beacon will become an imperative part of mobile app development for both Android and iOS.


2. Artificial intelligence in mobile application: Mobile apps are used for multifarious purposes like gaming, entertainment, etc. But people are expecting high-end features like navigation, speech recognition, and natural language processing. Artificial intelligence incorporates all these features, even many more. The developers will develop most AI apps using technologies like predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms. This will encourage app developers to offer a more personalized experience in their applications. Now, the apps can perform functions like analyzing user behavior and alert them about any security breach and suspicious threats. A plethora of studies has revealed that the market revenue from AI is expected to reach nearly $125 billion by 2023.


3. 5G wireless technology: 5G wireless technology is certainly a game-changing endeavor in the realm of mobile app development. According to IHSEconomics, the5G technology is expected to earn a revenue of $12.3 trillion globally. The prime benefit of this technology is that it can offer a greater speed to your app and thus, it enhances user retention, improves the speed of data transfer and provides a great user experience. By using this technology, now, you can make mobile apps for various industries like AR/VR, IoT, smart cities, supply chain, transportation, etc. where every second matters a lot.


4. The rise of chatbots: If businesses can have real-time interaction with their prospective clients, then it will become facile to convert them into potential customers. And here comes chatbots which are helping the businesses in this purpose. E-commerce and healthcare sectors are embracing this chatbot technology and are providing better customer relationships to the clients. If you have any query at any point of the day, the chatbots are always ready to address your query. They are informative and provide human-like responses to your queries. The Global Market Insight has reported that by 2024, the chatbot technology would reach $1.34 billion.


5. Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud: IoT and cloud are the two buzzing words in today’s mobile app development market and they can take your app development to new heights. By 2023, the global IoT market is expected to reach nearly $1.1 trillion and this market has entered in verticals like wearables, home appliances, smart cars, etc. IoT and Cloud-based mobile applications are going to become a huge hit in the coming future because they can handle redundant data and connect numerous devices on a real-time basis.In the future, mobile apps will become more innovative and advanced. The cloud’s capacity to connect many devices with APIs will also be crucial in the future of mobile application development.


6. Blockchain: Blockchain is a technology which can be easily described by three words (decentralized, transparent, and unassailable). The blockchain technology is utterly changing the way of mobile app development. In 2019, NASSCOM published a report and as per their report, the projects made by blockchain development companies would generate revenues over $20 billion. This depicts the popularity and demand for this technology. By combining the blockchain technology with mobile app development, companies can develop secure applications which can deliver astonishing outcomes. If you want to develop a health app, a retail app, or a fintech application, blockchain can be combined with any of application.

These are some of the future trends in mobile app development.

Mobile app development is growing more and more with time and has a bright future. In future, it will be quite different from the contemporary technologies. As new technologies are penetrating in the market, they are unlocking a plethora of opportunities for app developers so that they can come up with astounding applications.





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